Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) is now entering the fourth phase of its development since its inception in 1954: Teachers. Training College (PTPG), Institute of Teaching and Educational Sciences (IKIP) Bandung (1963), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (1999), and now with its status as a State Chartered University (UPI BHMN) (2004). These various developments, however, do not change UPI.s strong commitment to the field of education, which has become its primary identity of the institution and represents the major contributions that UPI has given to the development of the nation, particularly in the area of national education development, both in implementation and policy-making levels. 

As an institution that has been assigned a national mandate to prepare professional teachers and educators at all levels, from kindergarten to university, UPI has taken up the assignment heartfeltfully and realized it into many forms of programs and activities. These programs and activities have always been intended to establish closer relationships between UPI and all its stakeholders in regional, national, and international levels, i.e. members of society at large in this respect, so that all can take advantages from the existence of this university. Therefore, UPI continues to support all its programs and activities by the provision of high quality academic staff, adequate learning facilities, and the application of information and communication technology in university management. 

This institutional profile highlights at a glance information about the programs and activities in faculties, departments, institutes, and other supporting units at UPI. We really hope that this information will become a useful reference for all those who are willing to familiarize themselves with the university.