Indonesia University of Education (UPI) has established cooperation with government and non-government bodies as well as foreign universities such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for science and Mathematics teachers development; Paedagogische Hochschulle in Heidelberg, Germany and Deakin University in Australia for student and lecturer exchange; La Trobe University in Australia for joint seminars; Monash University Australia for the provision of Indonesian language teachers in Australia; the Norwegian government for inclusive education development through in-country training for UPI lecturers at Norwegian universities; UPSI Malaysia for student and lecturer exchange; Ford Foundation for development of arts teacher education; The University of Iowa, The Ohio State University, and Houston University for lecturer exchange. UPI has also conducted a number of research projects in cooperation with international agencies such as UNESCO, AMINEF, The Toyota Foundation, and British Council. Cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), in particular, has resulted in the granting of, from the part of JICA to UPI, a grandiose building complete with all modern facilities to be used as the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education where the Project for Development of Science and Mathematics Teaching for Primary and Secondary Education in Indonesia (IMSTEP) is administered. 

At national level, the cooperation has also been established with central and local government bodies such as National Assembly of Constitution and Department of Justice and Human Rights for writing a book entitled .Constitutional Awareness Education.; West Java provincial government for acceleration of Human Development Index development at education sector; Kepulauan Riau provincial government for human resources and education quality development; Directorate General of Non-formal Education, MONE, for development of non-formal education; SEAMEO for distance learning expansion. 

In addition, UPI has set up cooperation in research, education, and development with industrial enterprises such as PT. Telkom, Tbk, PT. PINDAD, and PT. INTI, Tbk.

Multicampus University
The main campus with 75 hectares size is located on Jalan Dr. Setiabudi 229 Bandung, West Java. It hosts Graduate School and five of the six faculties. The Faculty of Physical and Health Education is still located on Jalan Ahmad Yani Km. 6 Padasuka Bandung, but will soon be relocated to the main campus when the construction of facilities and infrastructures is completed. 

To enhance its public services, UPI has established other campuses in Cibiru, Tasikmalaya, Sumedang, Purwakarta, and Serang. Those campuses enable UPI to diversify its programs and to spread its wings, and are connected with a 5 Mbps internet network (4 Mbps international link and 1.5 Mbps local link). The internet network is centrally managed by UPI-Net located in the main campus. Such a technological capacity enables UPI to organize a distance learning program in all campuses. 

In academic year of 2006/2007, Serang, Purwakarta, and Tasikmalaya campuses start to open Master.s programs in Science Education, Social Studies Education, Non-Formal Education, Guidance and Counseling, Educational Administration, Curriculum and Development Studies, and Indonesian Language Education. To support the program, UPI prioritizes comprehensive development of facilities and infrastructures in the regional campuses. 
Main Campus
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 229 Bandung 40154 Jawa Barat - Indonesia
Telp. +62-22-2013161-2013162-2013163-2013164
Fax. +62-22-2013651

UPI Cibiru 
Jl. Raya Cibiru KM 15, Bandung 

UPI Tasikmalaya  
Jl. Dadaha No. 18 Tasikmalaya 

UPI Sumedang 
Jl. Mayor Abdurahman No. 221 Sumedang 

UPI Purwakarta 
Jl. Veteran No. 8 Purwakarta

UPI Serang 
Jl. Ciracas - Serang
Telp/Fax. (0254) 200277

Campus Development
Since February 2006, UPI has rebuilt the main campus at a large scale. The construction is intended to meet internationally standardized facilities. The construction of educational facilities, funded by Islamic Development Bank (IDB), is carried out under the title Upgrading and Development of Indonesia University of Education (UPI), Bandung. The construction has the following purposes. 
To develop UPI's new academic status and roles as a modern university with high quality, efficiency, accountability, and accessibility. 
To specifically construct buildings which consist of classrooms, teaching staff rooms, administrative staff offices, learning facilities, and administrative equipment. 
To build infrastructures which support the existence of a modern campus. 

The current construction of facilities and infrastructures includes the following buildings of (1) Faculty of Language and Arts Education, (2) Faculty of Social Studies Education, (3) Faculty of Educational Sciences, (4) Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, (5) Faculty of Sports and Health Science Education, (6) School of Postgraduate Studies, (7) University Centre, (8) Centre for Research and Community Services, (9) Training Centre, (10) Islamic Tutorial Centre, (11) Policlinic with inpatient wards, (12) Male Students Residence Hall/Dormitory, (13) Female Students Residence Hall/Dormitory, and (14) infrastructures. The construction is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2007.  


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