Who can enroll is a high school student / MA / SMK class III with a best ranking of 10 in the class, or students who have special achievements in the field of sports and the arts to FPOK program applicants for Visual Arts, Arts Music, Dancing shown in the form of a charter legitimated certificate or the Principal.
Each student may submit only ONE OPTION course.
Registration is done collectively by the Principal.
Registration file sent by post to the Committee secretariat PMDK UPI in 2009.
Registration cost is Rp. 150.000, - (one hundred fifty thousand rupiah) per participant.
Registration at the latest on 2 March 2009 (POST).
Required to follow specific test for selecting a program of study in FPBS (Visual Arts Education, Dance Arts Education, Arts Education Music), and FPOK (Physical Education and Recreation Health, Education Training, Sports, Science and Sport).
The cost is Rp. 100.000, - (one hundred thousand rupiah) per participant.
Registration fee and the cost of special tests must be paid through bank accounts at once BNI Branch UPI Bandung with the account number 22510314 in the name of PT BHMN UPI.
Special tests will be held on 27-28 March 2009, at 08.00 - at the finish:
Jl. PHH Mustopa No. 200 Padasuka Bandung
(For FPOK)
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi 229
Bandung (For FPBS)
FPOK to bring clothes and sports FPBS to bring the necessary instruments.
Applicants PMDK selection list can be viewed on the websites http://www.upi.edu.
PMDK selection results will be announced through the websites http://www.upi.edu end of April 2009.

a. Registration PMDK fill full.
b. Photocopy raport semester 1,2,3,4, and 5 who have legitimated Principal.
c. Color photograph of 1 sheet of 4x6.
d. Recommendation letter from the Head of School.
e. Health Certificate from the doctor.
f. Copy of proof of payment transfer fee and a special test (for those who follow).
g. Copy of certificate or the relevant Charter that has been the Principal dilegalisasi for having.
h. Mail statement from the Parents / Guardians.
i. Qualified special set of courses selected.


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