Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) provide development funds worth Rp 121 million for high-achieving students and UPI it the name. Awards are a stimulant to do better.
According to the Director of Student Development Directorate Cecep UPI Darmawan, the award is given to students UPI potential for more success in the field of extracurricular activities, both regional and national level.

“Non-academic award given to 176 students from 14 SMEs in UPI,” he said after the awards Cecep, Friday (8/1/2010) at Auditorium Road PKM Setiabudhi UPI Bandung.

Cecep added, awards given in the form of money management and the charter. “That was directly given by the Rector, symbolically Kartadinata Sunaryo UPI,” he added.

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Tes Potensi Akademik

IPS Ability





Integrated Science

Total funds provided guidance, Cecep said, amounted to Rp 121 million. “This is as a stimulant to do better,” said Cecep.

Some of the achievements of students who have achieved champion UPI is a 1 Paddle Asia, the National Handball, Pencak Silat and many more.

“Actually, not only sports, but also the National Robotics where we can be 3 and a contest winner who can champion MTQ 2. This indicates UPI able to compete with other universities in Indonesia,” lid Cecep.